Dear self,

When it looks like everything is falling apart, you’ll realize that the things you have of value are impossible to break. 

You’ll see that your spirit is elastic, rebounding constantly in response to pitfalls. Failure isn’t durable; it cannot last.

Not like you. You are limitless. When nothing is going your way it is a sign that you need to go a different way. Rest, regroup, and realign with what you know to be true.

The world will try to sway you. The heaviness of hate and fear will try to crush you, melding you into someone who’s line of what is humane keeps moving further and further away. Resist. 

Resist and know that the strongest component of our entire existence is love. It is the greatest weapon we have. It is truly all we need.

When despair and anger beckon, sit in the sanctity of love and let it root you to the earth of your existence. It will look like everything around you is falling apart but love, the love we all have inside of us, is unbreakable.



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