If you’re like me, you’ve spent a lot of your life feeling like you don’t ‘fit in’. I felt too loud, too introspective, too sensitive; mostly, that I was too much. It’s taken a while for me to realize that sensitivity is a gift, masquerading as a challenge, and that there are others who vibe at a similar frequency. When we become vulnerable, exposing our true nature, and the true rhythm we shake to, a beautiful thing happens – we encounter people who are doing the same. When you meet these kindred spirits, there is a recognition; a shared understanding that you have a common goal in mind: to shine as brightly as you can in this crazy thing called life. This can become your community.


Set your life on fire

Seek those who fan your flames



When you create a community, you are supporting your intentions. Your community can inspire change, or they can corroborate the false beliefs you maintain about yourself. They can raise you up, or they can be fearful of your change. If you desire growth, a community of light seekers can help you transform. When you find them, you’ll know.




Will listen without judgment, holding space for you to make mistakes, even if they are ones you’ve made before.
Have compassion for darkness. They’ve been there, seen it, and bought the T-shirt. They’ve transformed their shadows into light and have great reverence for the journey.
Truly feel joy when you achieve and grow. They know that their light is not dependent on or diminished by how brightly you shine. 
Live within integrity. They show up when you need them, come when they say they will, and don’t compromise their truth to fit in. 
Embrace your truth. Rather than feeling drained after time with them, you feel raised – because you’ve been able to be YOU. Even if it’s twisty, dark, confused, or frantic, you’ve been you, in every moment.
Move from a place of honesty. They’ll call you on your shit and won’t maintain the false ‘stories’ you create about yourself and others.
Face their emotions. They feel them fully and deeply, knowing that ignoring them would only further their impact. They may seem ‘emotional’, ‘sensitive’, or unpredictable, but you will never have to guess if they’re mad or exchange passive aggressive texts about how ‘nothing’ is wrong.
Drive through deconstructing paradigms they had attached to, fears they had let control them, and stories they had told over and over. They understand that anytime is as good as ever to change your life. And they’ll wait for you until you’re ready.
Will falter. They are human, too, of course. But face them with the same compassion they would extend to you and your relationship will be able to grow stronger.


Is your community built on light-seekers? Are you a light-seeker for others? 


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