It happens to all of us – be it a common cold or something more serious. Illness strikes. And we cry out “Why me?” – the helpless cry of the victim.


But are we truly asking WHY? Or are we struggling with how unfair and arbitrary it feels to be ill? We dive into the mindset that our experiences are happening to us, rather than from us. And, if we’re not careful, here we stay, the victim to our illness; the helpless actor in the play of our lives.


When we ask ‘Why me?’ our intention determines the outcome of the question. If our intention is to remain a victim, the answers we latch on to are those that support our desire to play this role. We assume the world is unfair, that our genetics are at fault, that disease is arbitrary, or that there’s a flu ‘going around’. However, if we change our intention, we can discover the why of our soul:


Why is your mind/body/soul crying out to you?

What message does it want you to hear?

Truthfully, has it been crying out for some time?


Illness is our body’s most honest form of expression. It is swift, to the point, no holds bar. Yet, how often do we pack it away and try to save it for another day? We tell ourselves we’ll rest on the weekend, we’ll take time off when work settles down, we’ll ‘sleep when we’re dead’.


Are we more likely to ignore a message from our higher self, than an email from our boss?


Illness is truth. When you are sick, it is an opportunity to ask – what truth is your body trying to bring to your awareness? This may be the first time we truly ask, what does my soul need? More importantly, what am I depriving it of? In this way, illness may be the most vulnerable time of your life. Within it, there are the deepest truths of your existence. It may shine a light on the ways in which you haven’t been serving your higher self – toxic relationships, a job that is unfulfilling, habits that drain you, parts of your true nature that you ignore.


Your body is sending out a rallying cry –


Why me? 


Will you answer the call?



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Illness is Truth

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