To dream is to reveal – through dreaming we expose our true selves, the part of us that desires. Desire is SCARY. Often we desire secretly; only in our day-dreams do we reveal to ourselves what we truly want.


In our day-dreams, we are writing the novel, running the marathon, going back to school, creating a family. Whatever it is that warms our heart and creates the buzz of anticipation inside of us that feels oh-so-good. Unfortunately, for many us that is where those feelings stay – in our daydreams, guarded by a wall constructed out of fear and doubt.


In our bravest moments, we may dare to share this dream. We may, in our quietest voice, say to a parent, a partner, a boss, or a friend – “I really want to…..”. We dare to share, and within that moment, embrace vulnerability and expose ourselves.


What we don’t realize is that, while our desire is scary to us, it may be even scarier to who we are sharing it with. Our dreams may hold a mirror up for them, leading them to ask “why haven’t I pursued my own dreams?”. Or even worse, they may fear what your dream means for them – will you leave them? Outgrow your relationship? Leave your job?


Not everybody can hold the space necessary for your baby dream to grow. And often, this has nothing to do with you at all. Usually, their responses will highlight their own fears regarding abundance and what a ‘real job’ should look like. And honey, if you’re pursuing creative work – hold on to your hat. Inevitably, you will hear that your art is unsustainable, won’t pay the bills, or is irresponsible.


When faced with resistance, send these voices compassion, and continue dreaming. 


Every. Damn. Day


Only day-dream believers are welcome here. 




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Day-dream Believer: putting stock in your dreams, even when others can't

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