Do you feel broken? Inadequate? Mismatched to a fast-paced world that is impossible to keep up with? Burdened by the image of ‘having it all’?

Have you realized that you’re magic yet? That the universe is conspiring with you? That today, as you read this, you are already enough?

Maya KuczmaFirst, let me introduce myself – I’m Maya Kuczma. I’m a naturopathic doctor, writer, coach, and speaker. I guide people towards the life they dream of – a life of freedom.


I am a spiritual explorer, culinary alchemist, daydream believer, mover and shaker

I am always seeking truth
Driving and deciding and designing from a place where there is no lie

I am full of Light
and dream of a world where we fiercely honor the radiance in one another


I BELIEVE health is dynamic. That wellness sometimes includes greens juice and yoga. And other times looks like swear words and failure.

I feel the road to enlightenment is paved with radical self-care

….that working IN is as important as working out

I TRUST we have the power to heal ourselves.

In many ways I could be considered broken
but I know we are stronger and more beautiful because of our flaws, rather than in spite of them | Kintsukuroi

That true healing is possible without a cure.

On any given day, my soul needs
to be Nourished, to Connect, to Heal, to Create, to Move, to Dream

This is a place to share these desires; to learn, peel away the layers of modern life, create opportunities for vulnerability, and reveal a path to fulfillment in a broken world

Love yourself first

and together we can elevate the entire world


What brought me here

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